The Witness of Kitab al​-​Azif: The Podcast

by Voy Callay (@voy_callay) and drummis (

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John: "I found the cipher manuscript in an old New England library, tucked away in a corner behind a few other dusty manuscripts and tomes. It bore an imprint of a glyph on the cover, but its contents intrigued me, so (in contradiction of the library's rules), I snuck some photographs of the first few pages. After spending several days delving into their secrets, I sat down and wrote this electronic piece, which vaguely describes my inquiry into those dire marks and the attendant summoning of a great evil that commenced. Thankfully the "spell," or whatever it was my music did to open some sort of gate, was incomplete and the horrid thing collapsed back into its nether dimension. It's hard to even believe, but it truly happened. I can only imagine, with great hesitation, what might come from an investigation into the original book in its entirety."
John: "Spiraling down the abyss of weird vocal effects. Adding to my collection of 'weird music' upon my friend's prompts. The cult will soon rise! Haha. I've really become obsessed with these few pages of the book. What a great music writing prompt! I will have to find a copy somewhere of the whole thing."
John: "Been reading more from the book. This song was the result of an exploration of the TC Helicon Voicelive 2 settings -- it's a patch called 'space choir,' and I immediately went to that book space after reading about the 'Mi-Go of Yuggoth.' Fantastical stuff. Back now, no t-shirt. I must have that book."
John: "Reading from the whole book now. This is another song inspired by pages from the book, which doesn't have such a great outlook on humanity and our place in the Universe. This title is, of course, ironic. Who is free, really? We're just ants climbing around in a dust pile on a tiny rock floating in space. The laws of the Universe are vastly more powerful than us. Can they be discovered at least?"


This is The Witness of Kitab al-Azif, an ongoing podcast about the misadventures of John, a musician dabbling in the occult, and his author friend who accounts for the terrible fates that befall them as he translates pages of the dreaded Necronomicon through his hobby of electronic music. The podcast is accompanied by the album "Incunabulum" (also available on this Bandcamp site as a demythologized version of John's infamous necro-discography).


released August 21, 2019




drummis New York

drummIs is an improvisational electronic musician. Everything you hear on this site is played live in one track. His tools are the trapKAT MIDI controller, a TD-5 drum brain, electric bass guitar, the RC-50 Looper, ME-25 effects, guitars, an iPad with too many apps, and a squeaky octopus. Located in upstate New York, he goes by Kurt Reymers, and is otherwise occupied as a professor of sociology. ... more

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