Cheeseburgers in Bed

by drummis

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A demo of a new tune, inspired by Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury." The audio clips are programmed into the trapKAT, so I can play this live, full of its original orangey badness.


(You know) it’s six-thirty and I’m going to bed
All this power going to my head
Too much government, not enough golf
Turn on the TV, watch some Wolf(f)

My ratings are high, it ain’t hard to see
Reality TV star’s what I want to be
But I’m stuck, in this old White House
Senators and Congress do nothin’ but grouse

Going to bed, going to bed
going to bed , go-ing go-ing

(Yeah it’s) Six-thirty and I’m going to bed
Cheeseburger in hand and my Twitter thread
Get out my phone, let my thumbs go mad
Type two-hundred eighty from my orange head

Election results got me seeing red (“He's an insecure guy”)
Size of my crowd's more than they said (“We had a massive field of people”)
Crooked Hilly, why isn’t she dead? (“Crooked Hillary Crooked Hillary”)
Taunt Kim Jong ‘bout the size of his warhead (“I’m gonna bomb the shit out of ‘em”)

Fake news media makin’ you misled (“They’re losers, they're just losers”)
Watch FOX News and feel it feed my head (“It’s political bullshit”)
Shithole countries, can’t let them spread (“You have to speak English”)
Russian collusion? Nah, I’m just makin’ some bread (“Many, many, many millions of dollars”)

Mar-a-Lago vacation’s where I fled (“I’m really rich”)
Pussy grabbin’ action’s just ahead (“Grab 'em by the pussy”)
Take Stormy D. back behind the shed (“Let’s go and do it”)
Piss off again the woman that I wed (“I’m a free trader")

Don Junior, Ivanka and Jared (“If Ivanka weren't my daughter perhaps I'd be dating her”)
Leave us with existential dread (“Somebody has to come out and tell it like it is”)
I don’t care I just wanna be fed (“Bing-bing, bong-bong, bing-bing-bing”)
Cheeseburgers in bed, cheeseburgers in bed (“I love my life”)

“So listen to this, listen to this, okay listen…”



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drummis New York

drummIs is an improvisational electronic musician. Most of what you hear on this site is played live in one track. Tools include the trapKAT MIDI controller, TD-5 drum brain, electric bass guitar, the RC-50 Looper, ME-25 effects, guitars, an iPad with too many apps, and a squeaky octopus. Located in upstate New York, he goes by Kurt Reymers, and is otherwise occupied as a professor of sociology. ... more

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